Comes with 1 x 8 cavity Wax Melt.
Electric warmers known for their safety for not having an open flame, yet still getting that desired scent roaming throughout your room.
With an easy On Off switch and light indicator to tell if it's on or off.
C Tick approved and compliant with Australian electrical safety standards and deemed to be energy efficient.
Suitable to use with wax melts, fragrant and essential oils.

Approximately 8cm high x 11.5cm wide with a very generous 200ml capacity.

Electric Ceramic Oil Burner in White - Large Aromatherapy Wax Melt Warmer

    • Wax Melt Safety and Care instructions.
    • Use only in an appropriate Wax Melt Burner 
      (tealight or electric)
    • Place your wax burner on a suitable surface, away from drafts and anything flammable.
    • Keep the burner out of reach of children and pets.
    • Use only plain, unscented tealights in your burner.
    • Do not leave unattended, extinguish the tea light when you leave the room.
    • Add one melt at a time until you reach the desired fill point.
    • Do not overfill or add multiple melts at once as the melted wax may over spill.
    • You can remelt unused wax the next time you use the burner.
    • If you wish to remove the remaining wax after burning, wait until the wax cools and hardens, then apply a small amount of pressure on one side until the wax pops out.
    • Do not use metal or sharp objects to remove the wax as you may cause injury or damage to the burner.