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I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on this range. FINALLY I have some!
At a wopping 1800mls, this candle will seem like it lasts forever.
With 5 wicks, it's beauty lights up any room.
This candle will make a perfect center piece on any dinning table, coffee table or outdoor setting.

Some Frosting may appear when the wax has colour.

Frosting does not affect the performance of your candle.


Incredible Size, Baguette Shape, Baby Blue Colour

    • Always burn your candles within sight and never leave unattended
    • Always burn your candles on a heat resistant surface and away from anything flammable that can catch on fire
    • Keep out of reach from children and pets
    • Avoid drafts and direct sunlight
    • Never move a burning candle and ensure the wax is solid and cool before handling
    • Never use water or the lid to extinguish a candle
    • A burning candle should not be used as a nightlight
    • A candle should not be burned for more than four hours at a time
    • Don’t burn a candle all the way down. For a margin of safety, discontinue burning a candle when 1cm of wax remains in the container
    • Do not use your candle if the glass is chipped or cracked
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