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As someone who has been touched by this foundation, I feel somewhat close to it and whilst I don't have much to give, I try to do my small part to try and make a difference.

Suicide prevention and mental health awareness are things we should all take seriously.
Checking in on family members, friends and colleagues that we haven't heard from, watching out for signs and the general ask R U OK? Are things we should do more often. Sometimes that really is all it takes to help save a life.
You don't have to fix anyone, just show them you are there and you care.

R U OK? Day is themed Yellow, so all of these Candles will be Yellow with Yellow Teddy bears.
100% of the sales for these Candles will be donated to the R U OK? Foundation, and no postage fee.
If you wish to make a donation yourself, follow the link below and look for their Donation button.

Get involved, check in on your loved ones. Ask, ARE THEY REALLY OK?

R U OK? All Of These Sales Will Be Donated To The R U OK Foundation.

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